Dr. Monica Hernandez is a graduate of Canada Christian College with an earned Doctorate in Theology. She has also earned a D-C.P.C. (Diplomate-Certified Psychotherapist and Counsellor) certificate in Christian Counselling and a Ph.D. in International Missions and Counselling. Recently, she has been granted an Honorary doctorate with the Evangelical Order of Certified Pastoral Counsellors of America. Dr. Hernandez’ passion for motivational teaching based on biblical principles has led her to host seminars, workshops and lectures both in Canada and abroad. She also teaches on the radio broadcast “The Revealing Word” on JOY 1250 AM, Christian Radio for Southern Ontario, which is heard every Sunday morning at 8:30. These radio messages give hope, spiritual insights and practical biblical principles for our lives, and can be listened to at www.joy1250.ca.

Dr. Hernandez lives in Toronto with her husband, Errol. Her hobbies are reading, creative writing, and fashion designing.


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