A Practical Guide to Overcoming Personal Challenges

You Can Break Through Your Emotional Challenges 
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Sometimes our hurts, fears, and shortcomings go as far back as our childhood, and they stand in the way of our success, self-image, and spiritual growth today. This book is about breaking through those barriers that hinder us.

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  •  Breaking Through Fear
  •  Breaking Through Instability
  •  Breaking Through Worry and Anxiety
  •  Breaking Through Depressive Moods
  •  Breaking Through Guilt
  •  Breaking Through Emotional Hurts
  •  Breaking Through Procrastination

Breaking Through the Barriers offers a variety of exercises that its readers can employ in their struggles for a breakthrough from personal challenges. From this book, readers will learn to identify their barriers and practice the given exercises, which are both practical and Biblical. In turn, these exercises can help readers break through their barriers of fear, instability, anger, worry and anxiety, guilt, emotional hurts, depressive moods, and procrastination, and pave the way for a more harmonious life.


* How to identify and confront your barriers

* The root and causes of the barrier

* Biblical references to each barrier mentioned

* Strategies for overcoming each barrier

* A Seven-day Meditation in the Word regarding each barrier

Following is an excerpt from the book
Breaking Through the Barriers

Like Job, we attract events we fear into our lives, and this has a lot to do with expectations. However, if we face the circumstances we fear, analyze them, and reject the false assumptions they suggest, most likely those events will not come to pass. Face your fears and find out what is in your fear package. Here is a description of fear:

F   Faithless



R   Reality


Faith and fear both demand you believe in something you cannot see.
You choose!
- Bob Proctor, author and motivational speaker


Dr. Monica Hernandez received her doctorate in theology from Canada Christian College and is also an ordained minister.  She is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with the Canadian Christian Clinical Counsellors Association and has a Ph.D. in International Missions and Counselling. Also, she has received an honorary doctorate in Pastoral Counselling from the Evangelical Order of Certified Pastoral Counsellors of America.

Dr. Hernandez has been in the Christian counselling ministry for more than twenty-three years, both as a Christian counsellor and as a facilitator of counselling classes.

She has written this book out of seeing a need for practical as well as Biblical principles when dealing with emotional breakthroughs.

Softcover Book To Canada $20 CAD (taxes, s/h Incl)

Softcover Book To USA $20 USD      (s/h Incl)

Ebook available on Amazon

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