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Reflections on God’s Hands

Did you ever wonder about the hands of God? Or have you ever looked up in the sky on a bright and starry night and considered the greatness of God who fashioned the heavens and the earth and all the universe, seen and unseen? Last Sunday, there was a baby dedication at our church and […]

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Standing on the Promises of God

Is there some change you would like to see in your life? Are you in need of a healing, physically or emotionally? Have you ever considered God’s promises of healing, change and deliverance to you? God is good, and His promises to you and me are spiritual laws: His spiritual laws. He has provided Himself […]

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Stokpic / Pexels

Build Yourself A Strong Confidence

At this time, are you facing issues  that seem bigger and stronger than you and determined to bring you down?  Do those issues resemble Goliath, the giant in the biblical story of David and Goliath?  When dealing with your daily adversaries, in your need for inner strength, confidence and inspiration, consider this story of David […]

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Fulfilling God’s Plan

Did you ever think of God as the  Divine Architect of the universe, drawing up plans for nations and people alike? And whatever are His plans for us, they will come to pass. Jonah was determined to go to Tarshish. He was fleeing from God’s presence and command to go to Nineveh and preach to […]

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Flourish where you're planted

Flourish Where You’re Planted

Are there continual shifting patterns in your life? Are you seeking comfort and better circumstances here, there and everywhere? Do you lack patience with yourself for your progress in life? Just where you are, there are treasures of talents, gifts and wonderful opportunities for outstanding performances. Comfort and better circumstances are within you. Talents, gifts […]

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Break The Hurrying Habit

Did you ever do important chores in a hurry, only to have to do them all over again?  Can you recall the frustration you felt? The hurrying habit often causes us to do things in ways that are slipshod, reminding us of the saying, “a job well done is twice done.” In today’s society we […]

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